The Asphalt Kiss
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The Yoram Leowenstein Acting Studio Proudly Presents:
The Asphalt Kiss

 A pedestrian hit by a bus on the street. Arandir , a kind young man, stops to help him. In his dying breath, the wounded asks and gets a kiss. From here begins a turbulence of events. Corrupt police force, sensational journalism and extreme homophobia turns an act of compassion into a crime, and Arandir’s life is torn apart as his friends and family slowly turn against him.


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12.4.2015 - 24.4.2015

Every evening at 20:30
Fridays at 14:00

At the studio's performing hall
19 Hanoch st.
Tel Aviv
Play: Nelson Rodrigues
Director: Tsedi Sarfati
Translation : Tal Goldfine
Edit text : Einat Baranowski
Set designer : Tal Ariel Arbib
Costume - Liron Minkin
Movement: Hanan Schwartzberg
Tango Choreography: Tzach Yosifon
Lighting- Eyal Tavori
Music Editing : Tsedi Sarfati & Roei Weinberg

Performed by 3rd year Actors:
Nadav Sharabi
Ori Atia
Hanan Schwartzberg
Roy Weinberg
Moriya Ben-Harush
Tal Idisis
Lior Blaus
Adam Hirsch
David Tetro
Sapir Darmon
Shira Kuriel
Idan Ashkenazi
*Nadav Shama
*Niv Haviv

*1st year students

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